Coffee & Camera is a caffeinated imaging production company offering services in photography, videography, aerial imaging, and graphic design. Our energy never runs out thanks to unnecessary high doses of caffeine. We service weddings, real estate, corporate functions, event functions, TV documentaries, lifestyle and more.


We base our values heavily on quality, artistry, affordability, artisanship, reasonability, and timeliness. It's our pleasure to bring these values to life in our work for you to enjoy because client satisfaction is always our goal.


We are people who love coffee and love cameras. Our process begins with a cup of java in pre-production as we plan out how to tell your story. We handle planning, field production, post-production editing and the delivery of media content.


As seasoned professionals in the media industry, we're able to offer high quality work at affordable and competitive pricing. It's our passion to create work that's not only high quality but artistic too.


Why do we need so much caffeine, you ask? Because we work hard, play hard and travel a lot. We are local to the Upstate of South Carolina and the Atlanta, Georgia area but we fully believe the sky is the limit. We will travel anywhere in the world. We have been to Mexico, Puerto Rico, Anguilla, Los Cabos and many other locations for photography and video projects.


Sound good? Smell good? Great! Let's arrange a time to sit down, have a cup of joe, and discuss your imaging needs. Call or email today!

Hi, I'm Anthony Cook. I am the founder, owner and producer at Coffee and Camera. I have been a multimedia producer for over six years and have a ton of valuable experience to offer you. I have worked on weddings, commercials, reality TV shows, films and more. I am passionate about high-quality, artisanship and value in media production. 



Thank you for checking out my company Coffee and Camera. It would be an honor to provide you with unique videos, photos, graphics and more that you'll enjoy forever. Contact the C&C team today for more details about how we can help you on your next project. Now, let's get some coffee and talk about art!


Did you know that Jerry Seinfeld likes to talk about art over coffee too!?